Faswin 3
Getting Started

Although Faswin 3 is a straight forward program, all programs can be difficult to use the first time you see them. The goal of this page is to walk your though the things you will need to do after installing Faswin. By following these simple steps you should be up and running in no time.

This document covers the process for both new Faswin users, and users upgrading from Faswin 2.

Where special information is required for Faswin 2 users you'll see this logo.

Download Faswin 3

If you haven't already done so, download the Faswin 3 install from the downloads page.


Run the installation. The welcome screen will appear. Click on the Next button.

You will now be able to override the default Faswin 3 program location. If you'd like the program to be installed somewhere other than the default location, then enter it now. Once you are happy with the location, click the Next button.

A summary of your install decisions is then displayed. Click on the Next button to start installing the program.

After the install is completed the program will run automatically.

Selecting the data location

The first time you run Faswin 3, you will see a screen prompting you to select the data location.

If you have data in an existing folder (perhaps on a network drive, or already created by Faswin 2) then enter the folder in the New Location field and click on the OK button. You can click on the button to browse the available folders.

If you do not have an existing data set then select the location where you would like the data to go, and click on the Make New Data Set in New Location button.


If you have installed Faswin 3 on this computer before then you may see a License Expired message. If you see this click on the OK button, and the Registration window will open. You will also see this window if your demo copy of Faswin is more than 30 days old.

Temporary Copy Information

The first time you start Faswin you will see a window containing some information about the current status of your registration. Don't Panic! Even if your copy is currently in an "Unregistered state" it will still be fully functional until the expiry date.

Even if you have already paid for Faswin, this screen will appear.

Once you have paid for Faswin you will be able to activate it with a permanent registration and this screen will no longer apply.

Please note: Do not worry if this screen continues to appear for a while after payment. It may take a day or two for the online-registrations to be updated. Indeed we can only update your registration after you've registered the program. So make sure you enter all your details as described below. Even in temporary mode your program is fully functional. If it expires you can get a new activation and carry on.

Click on the OK button to continue.


When your program starts for the first time the Registration will be set to "Demo".
You will want to change this immediately because this name appears on the footer of the reports.

The registration screen looks like this.

Complete the fields in the Your Details section. This will allow us to match your copy with your payment, when you make it.

If you have already paid for Faswin, you do not need to wait for any Application code to be supplied to you. Go ahead and register using the steps above. Your registration will be updated to permanent within a couple days after your initial registration.

In the Program Details section you can leave the dealer and serial number fields blank. However if you obtained Faswin from a dealer please put their name in here. This will make it easier for you to obtain support later on. If you did not use a dealer then leave this field blank. You can also leave the serial number field blank. Select the appropriate Level of the program that you would like to test. Remember that the standard level is restricted to a single PC whereas the enterprise level allows multiple users to access the program at the same time.

Once you have entered all the details, if you are connected to the Internet, go ahead and click on the Get Activation Code From Web button. If you are not connected to the web then go ahead and connect before clicking this button.

If the web connection is successful then you'll see a Success message. The program will then restart itself in order for the change to take effect.

If you wish to change these details at any time, then you will find the Product Registration option in the Security menu.

This window will also appear automatically if your demo has expired. If your demo version has expired, but you need more time to properly evaluate Faswin 3, then please contact us using one of the options on the About page. We will be happy to extend your demo period for you.

The Main Frame

Once all the preliminaries are out of the way you will go straight to the main program window. This is known as the program FRAME because everything the program does happens inside this frame.

Experienced Faswin 2 users can now carry on as you've done in the past. The basic layout of Faswin 3 should be familiar to you. However you may want to read on to refresh your knowledge of Faswin.

Create (or Open) an Asset Register

The first thing you need to do is to Create an Asset register. Go to the File menu and choose the Create Asset Register option.

You will need to enter a name for the register, and also (optionally) a password. The default date will be primed to today's date, and you can leave this as-is for the moment.

When you create a new register, that register is automatically opened for you. The next time you run the program you can just re-open the register. This is done by clicking on the button, or by selecting Open Register from the File menu.

Company Settings

After you create a new Asset register, the Company Settings screen will appear.

For a full description of each company field in detail, see the CompanySettings page.
You can re-visit this window when a register is open, by choosing Company Settings from the Setup menu.

Now is a good time to setup some other Faswin settings which you will use later on.


Faswin has the ability to email reports to people. This is useful as it allows the information inside Faswin to be shared with others, without them having access to, or the ability to change, your data. The email facility inside Faswin uses the standard internet email protocol, which is called SMTP. You will find the email settings in the Setup menu, in an option marked Email.

A full description of the email settings is quite technical, and can be found here. Don't worry if you don't get the email sorted out just yet, it's not necessary for the rest of the program to work, and you can always adjust it later on.

Cost Centre's and Departments

If you have a lot of assets to manage then it is useful to be able to group them together into departments and cost centre's. If you are going to do this then this is a good time to go ahead and create those cost centre and departments.  If you don't want to do this (or don't want to do it now) then a single Cost Centre (called General) and a single Department (called General) will be created for you.

To add, edit or remove cost centre's choose the Cost Centres option from the Edit menu.
Likewise, to add, edit or remove departments choose the Departments option from the Edit menu.

Departments and Cost Centre's belong to a single asset register. If you have multiple asset registers then each register will have their own departments and cost centre's.


Different kinds of assets have different "normal" depreciation settings. The groups option in Faswin allows you to not only group your assets together into logical groups, but also to define default depreciation settings for those groups.

Using the Groups item in the Edit menu you are able to edit the groups that exist, or create your own groups.

Note that the default for a group is only used when an asset is added. You are able to change the settings for the asset to be different to the rest of the group. If you change the settings for a group, that will not affect existing assets.

Adding Assets

Obviously the key to any asset register is adding the assets. To see a list of the assets in your system, and to edit, or add to that list, choose the Assets List option from the Edit menu, or click on the button.

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