Faswin 3

Installation and Starting Support

Your Faswin consultant will provide 30 days of free support after your Faswin purchase. They will be able to assist you with basic installation assistance (if it's necessary) and with any details to get Faswin going.

If you purchased from a consultant, then please contact your consultant first for this free support. However if you're not sure who your consultant is, or if you do not get sufficient support from them then please contact CapeSoft Software.

For a list of consultants please see the Consultants page. If your consultant is not listed there then please contact CapeSoft Software.

You'll find the contact details for CapeSoft on the About page of this site.

Ongoing support

If you need ongoing support then feel free to contact either one of the consultants, or CapeSoft directly. However, please note, that this support may be chargeable by the consultant.

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